Glossary of TermsΒΆ

Learning Plugin Oriented Programming requires understanding a number of terms. This glossary exists to make that easier.

pop: Used to reference the pop Python project. When specifying the pop implementation of Plugin Oriented Programming use an all lowercase pop

POP: The Plugin Oriented Programming concept. When specifying the Plugin Oriented Programing paradigm do so with all caps

hub: The hub is the root of the hierarchical namespace. The hub represents both the concept of the hub in Plugin Oriented Programming and the hub as it is implemented in the pop project

sub: The sub is the implementation of the Plugin Subsystem concept of Plugin Oriented Programing inside of pop

ref: The ref is a string representation of a path that can be found on the hub.

pattern: The Plugin Oriented Programming concept which defines how a Plugin Subsystem is implemented. Subsystem Patterns

app-merging: The ability to dynamically merge seperate POP codebases together.

Vertical App Merging: Extending a single plugin subsystems by defining the sub in multiple codebases.

Horizontal App Merging: Merging multiple subsystems together onto one hub.

Dyne Name: The dynamic name is used to define what plugin sub that is being defined or extended. Dyne Names are used in Vertical App Merging.