Pop Release 7.4

This release fixes some bugs and adds initial Windows support

Windows Support

POP now runs on Windows! The only things left to add is to make the conf system more robust on Windows. We add the ability for the conf system to get options from the registry in the same way that Linux can use environment variables. We also need to add automatic path management for Windows as it exists for root/user paths on Linux.

Windows support for loops also changed, there were issues in using the Proactor loop and now we just use the default loop. This implies that Python 3.8 should be used for Windows as it uses the Proactor loop by default.

Add pop-seed -t v

With the introduction of Idem it has become expedient to allow pop-seed to create POP trees that do not include the tools needed for a standalone project but just the structure for a vertical app-merge project. This can now be accomplished with the pop-seed -t v <project name> command.

Update Quickstart

The quickstart guide has been updated to reflect changes made in POP 7 and made to be more fluid in exposing the RPC concept. It also got the addition of some curl commands to test poppy.