Pop Release 6.1.0

The Plugin Oriented Programming implementation has reached version 6.1.0!

This version has a few updates and fixes, nothing major apart from fixing a major issue in the dyne_name system introduced in 6.0.0

Dyne Name Fix

When importing a module it needs to be given a reference name with the sys.modules dict as part of the import. There was in issue with how these names were being generated for the dyne_name system. It was repaired by making unknown path originating refs prefaced with a random string. This should likely be refined in the future to reference the actual file path.

Remove Last imp Refs

The imp library has been deprecated since python 3.3, but it was still being used, primarily out of old habits! All imp refs have now been removed.

Refined pypath Inferred Names

When pypath is used to add a new sub to your hub the name of the sub can be dynamically derived from the pypath. There was a bug where if the pypath was a list this would fail, it has been fixed.