Dynamic Names

The Dynamic Names system in pop is used to implement part of the app merging system. When you think of app merging you should think of it as coming from 2 separate directions, once direction is the ability to merge many apps together into a larger app, this is called horizontal app merging. But the other angle of app merging it to allow for external applications to extend your own subsystems, this is called vertical app merging.

Think of it this way, you define a system that detects information about a server, but you don’t want to have to build in support for all the specifics that could be discovered on multiple operating systems and platforms. Instead of trying to maintain support for 20 operating systems in one application, you can instead make the core of the application and then set up dynamic names, then you can have separate packages that gather data for each specific platform but the separate packages dynamically add their own plugins to your plugin subsystem.

This is what Dynamic Names allows you to do! Using Dynamic names is very easy, first just define the dyne_name as the only option when you set up your new sub:


Then in your project’s conf.py file used by the conf.integrate system just add another dict called DYNE:

DYNE = {
    "grains": [

Inside your DYNE config you specify which dyne_names you want to add modules to and what the module path, relative to your project is.

Now you can start up a new sub that will gather plugins from multiple systems that add the dyne_name that you have set up!