Pop Release 7.1.0

This release comes with a few fixes and minor additions.

Fix to Sigs System

This release fixes an oversight in the sigs system to allow for better enforcement of sigs. There was a situation with args that was being missed.

Given the extensive possibilities when matching *args and **kwargs in options I suspect that there will be a couple more minor findings before sigs is perfected. But with that said I am not currently aware of any issues.

Addition of Static Build System

Also we have added a system to pop-seed that will build a single binary from a pop project. The new build.py script will be added to projects by the pop-seed command.

This new script will download and install the needed tools to build the single binary into a venv. This system uses PyInstaller and compensates for some of the things that PyInstaller has trouble handling for pop projects where we manipulate the import system so much.

Addition of Logging into the conf System

Now when you call hub.pop.conf.integrate there is a new option, logs. If logs is set to True then logging options will be added to your configuration options and a logger will be set up and made available to use just by adding import logging; log = logging.getLogger(__name__) to your plugins!

The logging system in pop is of course… Pluggable! So it is easy to add more powerful plugins for kore advanced logging int he future.