Pop Release 8

Pop 8 introduces a few structural changes to the loader and some major additions to pop-seed.

Function Variable Pass Through

Pop wraps functions on the hub with contracted objects. This resulted in an issue where decorators that add variables to function objects did not always become visible to the contracted objects on the hub. This prevented decorators in a number of tools to not work with pop.

To fix this we have made it so that function level variables are now available on the contracted object.

Pop Seed Additions

Pop-seed now uses Dynamic Names by default when creating new projects. This moves the mindset towards making sure that developers are more app-merge centric.

The ability to add dynamic names to the conf during the pop-seed call have also been added. Now it is possible to pass the -d option to pop-seed and list what dynamic names need to be created. Then those dynamic names get added to the conf.py and the needed directories are created.