Pop Release 7.5

This release fixes a very minor memory issue and extends conf.

Multiple subs In Conf

While working on a new project I wanted to be able to have the same options available across multiple subcommands in conf. 7.5 adds this ability:

    "foo": {
        "default": False,
        "action": "store_true",
        "subs": ["create", "remove", "edit"],

SUBS = {
    "create": {
        "help": "Create some things",
        "desc": "Used to create the things",
    "remove": {
        "help": "Remove some things",
        "desc": "Used to remove the things",
    "edit": {
        "help": "Edit some things",
        "desc": "Used to edit the things",

Minor Memory Issue

While running memory and profiling tests we discovered that if the dyne system was called repeatedly that we leaked loading conf.py files. This has been fixed and the performance of the dyne system at scale has been greatly improved!